Our Approach


Therapeutic Approach

Just Psychology staff have expertise in:

  • the use and evaluation of evidence based therapeutic interventions
  • adapting therapeutic approaches to a family's cultural context
  • using collaborative and strengths-based approaches, which achieve sustainable outcomes
  • using systemic approaches which address the needs of both children and parents within their social context, and therefore support change at individual, family and community levels

Community Focus

Just Psychology staff have a track record of:

  • working with a wide range of BME communities
  • securing and delivering innovative projects in BME communities (such as intergenerational work)
  • working together with community groups to implement and evaluate new approaches to parenting

Multilevel Working

Just Psychology staff have considerable experience of:

  • working with both voluntary and statutory sector organisations
  • developing strategic partnerships with local community groups, thereby accessing 'hard to reach' communities and enhancing the effectiveness of existing provision; and
  • working at senior management levels.

Evaluation of Outcomes

  • We place a strong emphasis on evaluation and ensure that we evaluate everything that we do.
  • We have strong links with local universities to ensure rigorous evaluation of the outcomes of our work
  • We use approaches based on the best evidence and these are also value for money.

Social Impact of the Just Psychology Approach

As a social enterprise, Just Psychology also pays due attention to the social impact of our work.

We re-invest profits into activities in line with our core commitment to enhance the participation of Black and minority ethnic children and families in an equal and fair society, through facilitating improvements in psychological health and well being, and prevention of mental ill-health.

In practice this means that local communities' voices are strengthened through involvement in services offered by Just Psychology.