Martha McCann

Martha McCann, a Just Psychology Associate, has over 25 years’ experience in the public sector, mainly working with Housing Associations.

She specialises in:

  • Tenancy Management – providing guidance and support to housing professionals on how to deal effectively with tenancy breaches
  • Anti-social Behaviour - developing intervention & prevention strategies to avoid enforcement action against tenants in breach of their tenancy agreement, such as Anti-social Behaviour Contracts (ABC's), Parenting Contracts, partnership working.
  • Domestic Abuse – providing advice, support and guidance to individuals suffering domestic abuse in partnership with other organisations 
  • Parenting Approaches – Martha is trained in Webster-Stratton, Incredible years and Triple P techniques, and is able to develop bespoke parenting training to meet the needs of different ethnic groups
  • Coaching & Mentoring she is a qualified business and life coach and mentor

A retired member of the Institute of Housing, she worked in various sectors of Housing, latterly specialising in anti-social behaviour and tenancy management. For 8 years she held responsibility for management and delivery of Tameside Sanctuary Project (a central and local government initiative supporting individuals suffering domestic abuse). She was the founder of the 'Family Support Charity', set up to raise additional funding to enhance the work of the Sanctuary Project. As part of a national research project (sponsored by Community for Local Government), York University cited Tameside Sanctuary Project as a model of good practice. Her work in combating anti-social behaviour and witness support also received national recognition as models of good practice by the Commission for Local Government. The Institute of Housing, other national Housing bodies; local newspapers and television channels have also featured articles on the domestic abuse and witness support work.

She has a wealth of experience in partnership work having worked with a diverse range of organisations and agencies on prevention and intervention initiatives. A former member of the Housing Diversity Network Mentoring Programme, she acted as Coach and Mentor for  over 10 years. She is also a qualified teacher.

She has worked on a number of projects with Just Psychology including coordinating the Cultural Consultants Project, delivery of professional skills and parenting training.

She can speak Creole and conversation Spanish. Martha has in the past worked with Caribbean, Pakistani, Bengali, Roma and Nigerian communities.

She enjoys socialising with friends, gardening, yoga, going to antique fairs, charity work & fund-raising and is a member of her allotment society.