Trafford Housing Trust - Cultural Awareness Training

"On February 2nd and 4th, 39 members of our staff at Trafford Housing Trust were lead through two engaging and insightful workshops on cultural awareness by the team at Just Psychology. Their workshops were facilitated by social worker Annette Williams, assistant psychologists Hasan Waheed and Clio Oliver and Just Psychology's Director and Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Iyabo Fatimilehin.

Those who attended the training included Housing Officers, Money Support Advisors and Positive Starts Officers, all of whom reported an increase in confidence in working with customers representing a diversity of cultures and backgrounds.

Overall sentiments were extremely positive, and despite some quite sensitive topic areas such as issues regarding Female Genital Mutilation, staff shared that the challenging material was dealt with frankly and professionally.

The training team at Just Psychology did well to ensure that the training was informative, relevant and thorough, and it is clear that regular training should be offered to remain informed about the ever changing demographic of the Trafford communities.

As an Equality and Diversity Programme Manager within Trafford Housing Trust I was pleased with the service provided and would not hesitate to call on the expertise of Just Psychology again in future to meet consultancy and training needs in this field."

Sarah Miguel, Equality and Diversity Programme Manager, Trafford Housing Trust